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Importers of Premium Quality Structural and Decorative Plywood for Architectural, Commercial and Residential Applications

Premium quality Russian Birch Plywood for Australian and New Zealand markets

Richwise Australia is a Melbourne-based importer and wholesaler of Russian birch plywood and Italian poplar plywood.

Established in 2009, Richwise specializes in importing of premium-quality Russian or White birch plywood. Also known as Baltic birch plywood, this is a special type of plywood made from the Russian birch trees that grow in the natural mixed forests in the northern parts of Russia.

The Russian birch plywood is available in both standard and film-faced options.

Since company establishment more than 6 years ago, Richwise’s Russian birch plywood has already cemented its place in Australian and New Zealand markets due to its outstanding appearance, superior technical characteristics and competitive pricing.

New products added to our stock list all the time!

A Short Introduction to woman’s cave. Chapter one. 
Sewing room. Workstations and DIY cutting tables.

Are you or your second half into the craft and thinking about having a well-organized sewing room?   Most of us start sewing using whatever is available. Does crawling around on the floor with shears sound familiar to you? Have you ever used a dining table as a sewing one?   Today Richwise Australia has some ideas of how to make this activity …

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Creative Storage Solutions; recessed shelves and cabinets

Have you ever asked yourself, what makes better use of the available space and how to start the project? Here is good news for you.  Any space can be transformed into your desired project if you are into DIY or have authorised handymen to make your dreams real, and of course, if you are using Richwise plywood for your home …

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Summer hot sale

Composite PPL 18*1220*2440 mm was $182, now $91+GST per sheet; Trans Birch Non Slip Heavy Duty 18*1220*2440 mm was $202, now $101+GST per sheet; Foot Non Slip 12*1220*2440 mm was $148, now $74+GST per sheet; Hexa Smooth Grey 18*1220*2440 mm was $216, now $108+GST per sheet; Dot Plywood 18*1220*2440 mm was $196, now $98+GST per sheet; High Pressure Laminated white …

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Summer Promotion

Promo prices are only valid until 28.02.21  Poplar Clear Coated AB/BB 18*2440*1220 mm normal price $160+GST per sheet, PROMO price $90+GST per sheet; Diamond Deck Birch Plywood Silver Grey normal price $198+GST per sheet; PROMO price $99+GST per sheet;  Composite TPO 18*1220*2440 mm normal price $298; PROMO price $149+GST per sheet; Iron Birch Non-Slip Heavy Duty 24*1220*2440 normal price $222; PROMO price $111+GST per sheet;  Multi-grey film faced 18*1220*2440 mm …

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Christmas decorations made from plywood. The winners get special presents.

If you want to create something unique and different this year, if you want some quality time with your family and if you are into DIY, Richwise Australia suggests you starting small Christmas decoration project. There are some inspirational ideas from us and lots of laser cut plywood free templates you can google. Visit our eBay shop, purchase the …

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Structural plywood F22

Decided to build a new house or make a renovation? Thinking about DIY outdoor furniture? Interested in a commercial building? Have a look at the plywood product you may need in lots of construction applications in both big and small projects. Versatile Structural Plywood boards have been created to give needed stability and trust and we at Richwise Australia make …

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18 mm Lacquered Birch Plywood in Scandinavian Interiors

Scandinavian decor has become a global trend. Simple and super functional, all about decluttered space and natural materials. Characterised by lots of space and light, white walls, wooden floors, and simple natural furniture with some modern accents. Here are 5 key points of Scandi style from Richwise Australia; Natural materials, wood, plants, flowers Decluttered space, minimalistic style Neutral interior colour palette …

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Simplicity is the key

Have you ever thought about natural, light coloured birch plywood as a main interior component? Organic products are trendy, so is natural wood.  Richwise Australia wants you to have a look at how beautiful kitchen cupboards, stairs, caravan beds, office shelves and more can be made from Russian Birch plywood. Minimalist furniture is one of the current global trends, and …

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Saving up space; pegboard walls!

Pegboard walls are custom-sized elevated versions of the old workbenches that are being used to fit any creative idea and hold everything from tableware and kitchen utensils to artworks and shelves. You just add dowels and wood knobs and you can move them around as much as you want. 18 mm birch plywood ideally fits for this DIY project. Birch plywood, made of cross-banded …

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Mezzanine Floor in kid’s rooms; how to fit study room, bedroom, and little gym!

The idea of having a mezzanine space seems a bit questionable, but spaces with high ceilings can be used better when an intermediate level installed.  To maximize the useful space, you can create mezzanine or semi-mezzanine, by taking advantage of high ceilings and create a cosy sleeping area or extra kid’s playroom above the main area. Mezzanine can play any …

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