Richwise Australia was established in 2009 to supply affordable premium Birch and decorative plywood to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

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Kitchen Evolution

Evolution justifies, that heat and food bring people together. Acquiring food included hunting and gathering, and later agriculture. In old times, people cooked on open fires that were built outside on the ground.  The hearth was known from prehistoric campsites and it was the sole source of heat, light, and cooking, so the [...]

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4 one-day DIY projects

Do you know, that most DIY projects are about organization or decoration and aimed to make your space stylish or functional? Richwise Australia wants to suggest to you some practical one-day DIY projects which are easy to accomplish and are suitable for birch plywood. DIY outdoor patio furnitureYou can use [...]

March 19, 2021|Categories: Birch plywood, New Products, News|Tags: , , |

How to build your own home?

To help you to answer this question, Richwise Australia has collected five key points you need to know. First, it can be a long process. On average a new home construction will take from 4 to 12 months to complete - approximately 6 months if the house is pre-designed. To [...]

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Short Introduction to woman’s cave. Chapter one. Sewing room. Workstations and DIY cutting tables.

Are you or your second half into the craft and thinking about having a well-organized sewing room? Most of us start sewing using whatever is available. Does crawling around on the floor with shears sound familiar to you? Have you ever used a dining table as a sewing one? Today [...]

January 27, 2021|Categories: News|

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