Finding the right material for your house can be a challenge.

Every decision made, from the design of your house to the material used to build kitchen and bathroom cabinets, influences the comfort and character of your house.

Richwise Australia offers big choice of high quality, versatile and aesthetically beautiful plywood. Birch plywood is a structural and decorative material widely used for interior and exterior purposes.

Baltic birch plywood highlights the delicate structure of timber grown in the cold climate of Baltic Europe and commonly used in architectural design, construction, shopfitting, vehicle building, packaging, exhibition stands, home and office furniture, acoustic panels, domestic and commercial joinery and DIY projects.

Thank to fantastic dimensional stability and nice appearance it is great choice for work tables, tool cabinets and certain types of furniture. Casework, bathroom and kitchen cabinets, drawer boxes, children’s furniture, craft tables, and shelves are just a few options. Baltic birch ply is a good choice for cabinets that go under sinks because of the exterior grade adhesive it’s laminated with. If you ever have a plumbing leak, there’s little worry that the cabinet will be destroyed. 

Baltic birch ply has numerous special applications, too. Custom speaker boxes, skateboards, teardrop trailer shells, scroll saw art, forms, CNC furniture parts, laser engraving, signage, room dividers.

A room divider helps you make the most of your space. Do you want to add a little privacy to your open space office or define an area in your living room? Room dividers are widely used in offices, cafes and restaurants, as well as for dividing the space into living rooms and gardens. You can choose from three main materials, plywood, wood or metal. Richwise Australia offers a professional CNC router and design service to create any room divider from Lacquered Birch Plywood. Beautifully carved plywood dividers add style and creativity to any space. Garden privacy screen is one of the people’s favourite garden hacks. Decorative garden screens and dividers will block prying eyes while welcoming sunlight and shadows into a garden.

 Custom speaker boxes are another one common application of Birch Plywood.

You may decide to purchase speakers from shops, but the price can be a bad surprise. However, the loudspeaker is a very simple device. Building the cabinet can be the most time-consuming part of the project, but it allows to customize the look of the speakers. Richwise Australia reminds; the material matters. Baltic Birch plywood possesses good acoustic properties, an affordable price and stylish appearance. Birch ply is considered to be more resonant than MDF and cheaper than wood. Popular for its rich density and rigidity, Baltic birch plywood is also a great option for a speaker box because of better clarity and tone. Besides, birch plywood is known for its durability, so this speaker box is made to last.

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