The winter comes closer with every day.

What do you need to know to choose the right building materials? 

There are plenty of variations. Birch and poplar plywood are always a good choice.  Natural and eco-friendly birch plywood gives our homes the feeling of comfort and warmth. 

RIchwise Australia offers decorative birch plywood with extra insulation properties.

Composite Aluminium is a stylish birch panel overlaid on one face with patterned 1 mm thick aluminium.

If you are considering using this product in your house, it has three great properties:

  1. Composite Aluminium is waterproof. It fits perfectly for the wet area in the kitchen and bathroom. 
  2. Composite Aluminium is UV stable. This is a very desirable quality in Australia, where normally the sun damages a lot. 
  3. Composite Aluminium has thermal insulation properties. Good thermal insulation saves energy and may lower your annual heating and cooling bills by up to 20%.

Besides, Composite Aluminium is rigid, flat and easy to maintain. It is a multipurpose panel that can be used in many decorative applications, wet area applications, such as bathrooms, kitchen splashbacks and countertops, feature walls with LED, boats and caravans. The product is also applicable in the production of furniture and doors, construction, wall and ceiling panelling, architectural reception desks, night clubs, casinos and restaurants decoration, venue halls design, entertainment stages, shop fittings.

Warm your house up! Winter is coming!

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