Framing centers depend on the direction of the face grain of the panel, the given pressure of wet
concrete, and the design limit decided by the system designer. The design is usually controlled by
the panel deflection under load and is calculated using the section properties given in table 1 and the characteristic properties given in table 2.

Table 1: Section Properties (per mm width)

Formply F22 Parallel to face grain Perpendicular to face grain
Thickness Moment of Inertia Section Modulus Moment of Inertia Section Modulus
I (mm4/mm) Z (mm3/mm) I (mm4/mm) Z (mm3/mm)
17.5 mm 255.7 28.6 204.2 25.4


Table 2: Characteristic Properties

Formply F22 17.5-10-13 Bending Strength (f’b) Panel Shear (f’s) Short duration average modulus of elasticity (E)
 MPa MPa MPa
Characteristic Properties 80 6.8 16000

17.5mm Formply F22
1. Overall thickness – 17.5mm
2. Nominal thickness of face veneer
(mm x 10) – 10
3. Number of plies in construction – 13
Construction Code – 17.5-10-13

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