Are you motivated to start a DIY project with your kids?

Richwise Australia introduces some ideas of beautiful handmade bunny- and eggs-inspired plywood toys for Easter that can make great fun for any child. Simple DIY is the perfect bonding time for family and some kind of relaxation for parents. For children, easy Easter wood crafts can help develop fine-motor skills and build great hand-eye coordination.

As for big garden decorations; just imagine those carved outdoor plywood sculptures that the whole neighborhood can enjoy. Colorful garden eggs and festive bunnies will never go out of fashion, they can brighten up your porch, yard, and door for Easter time.

You can find plenty of simple DIY yard art patterns online, Richwise Australia offers the best plywood for your small and big projects, please visit our eBay shop,… order online and enjoy the process of creating your very personalized Easter decoration.

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