Formply F22 is a quality plywood product made to exacting
performance and quality standards. Designed for use in the
forming of concrete walls, roofs, columns, and other engineered
concrete structures. Formply F22 provides strong, stiff,
lightweight support on steel or timber frames or in table form
systems. This provides advantages for the designer and
formworker, and the required finish to concrete.

Formply F22’s cross-laminated 13 ply total birch hardwood
construction enhances the performance properties of wood.
Short-term impact loads of up to twice the long-term load can be
safely carried. The cross-laminated construction also restricts
the tendency of the panel to expand and contract providing
excellent dimensional stability.

Formply F22 is safe. Manufactured by one of the world’s
leading birch plywood manufacturers and produced under a third
party audited, process-based, quality control program with control
procedures for on-going verification of structural properties and

Formply F22 is rated F22/F22 for stiffness (MoE) and
F27/F27 for strength (f’b) giving it the properties of high strength
and stiffness, a design feature that can save money providing
even more cost effective formwork systems.

Formply F22 complies with the Australian Standard for
Plywood Formwork AS6669 and has been evaluated according to
AS/NZS 2098.9, Procedures for in-grade testing of structural

Formply F22 is manufactured with a permanent structural A
Bond using the same phenolic resins as structural and marine

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