RWA film faced plywood is WBP (exterior) birch plywood overlaid by a film (a thin paper treated with synthetic resin) from one or both sides of a panel.

Using birch as raw material for plywood production gives exclusive strength properties to the ready-for-use product.

RWA film faced plywood is recognized for its wear resistance and strength, high water-proof characteristics, resistance to chemical agents and other corrosive liquids action, resistance to detergents and cleansers, safe application.

  • High technical properties.
  • High wear resistance.
  • Excellent resistance against impact of chemical and other aggressive environment.
  • Stability of board’s geometry.
  • Optimal ratio of weight and strength.
  • Resistance to ultraviolet radiation (applicable to melamine film).
  • Comparative easiness for further mechanical treatment.
  • Possibility to manufacture sizes, thickness according to customer’s requirements  (type of surface, color, film density).
  • Compliance with GOSTs and product manufacturing regulations as well as international quality standards.

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