Why Formply F22 makes good sense

The key to any good formply is the quality of the finish and how many times it can be re-used before it needs to be replaced. While there are too many variables from required off-form finish, type of forming system, and handling and storage to be able to specify the number of times Formply F22 can be re-used, Formply F22 has been specifically designed to help you maximise your re-use.

Formply F22’s 13 ply total birch hardwood construction, F22/F22 rating for stiffness and high quality 120gsm phenolic overlay combine to provide an excellent off form finish with minimal deflection even under high concrete pressures. The total hardwood birch construction means none of the tannin staining associated with some tropical hardwoods and a greater resistance to impact and abrasion damage on the face. The result is a smooth consistent off-form finish even after repeated re-use.

Formply F22’s 13 ply total birch hardwood construction also means reduced damage to corners, edges and faces during the formwork stripping process. Damage sustained during the stripping process is one of the major limiting factors to the re-use of formwork. The natural strength of Birch combined with the 13 ply construction provides increased resistance to impact damage helping maximise the number of times it can be re-used providing significant long term savings.

Why is maximising the number of times it can be re-used so important? If, for example, you can
increase your re-use from 6 to 8 re-uses before replacement by just one more pour to 7 to 9 re-uses before replacement that means you have just saved 12.5% to 16.6% on your formply costs!

Try this formula and see what the savings for just one more re-use would be for your formply budget.

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