There is something amazing about plywood used for kids’ rooms. Birch plywood structure and color bring a light softness to the room and kids won’t outgrow this timeless natural style. There are lots of different ways of using plywood for kids’ rooms.  Plywood is particularly great for making kids’ furniture as it is not very expensive and you can combine furniture with storage. Richwise Australia customers are usually purchasing the Russian birch plywood for the following projects in kids rooms;

  1. Beds and bunk beds. 
    Many parents are tasked with the challenge of creating a safe and comfortable space that could fit their children’s needs and be interesting enough to keep them in bed at night. Birch plywood bunk beds designed in the form of a house can keep them entertained during the day thanks to playing zone on top or on the bottom and be very cozy in the night because of light coming through the small windows. Birch plywood ideally suits for this small DIY project.
  • Recessed shelves and storage. Wall-mounted desk.
    Birch ply is especially great to make the most of a tiny room as the storage and furniture can be easily combined without anything looking too overwhelming or heavy. Kids absolutely love having all of their toys on shelves as a display. A wall-mounted desk made from birch plywood saves the space in the tiny room.
    More here: Creative Storage Solutions; recessed shelves and cabinets.

One more hint from Richwise Australia. To make the kids’ bedroom feel spacious and inviting, you can use a mix of birch plywood and soft textile materials.

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