Foot Birch plywood overlaid with a phenol (dark brown, black, green) or a UV resistant (grey) film on both sides. The wear face has a special surface pattern (WT). The reverse face usually is smooth (F).


Flooring, transport industry, storage and factory floors, storage shelves, loading platforms, pier surfaces, scaffoldings, playgrounds, and flight cases. In general, surfaces where high wear resistance, anti-slip properties and good visual appearance are required.

Further processing

Plywood can be machined with woodworking tools: cutting, drilling, milling, jointing in length, tongue and groove (T&G), half laps, profiled edges etc.


Surface with high wear resistance, anti-slip properties, good visual appearance (decorative surface), weather- and water-proof, resists commonly used chemicals and easy-to-clean.

In addition, the product is environmentally friendly and hygienic.

Gluing classes

Plywood is glued with waterproof phenol formaldehyde resin adhesive. The weather and boiling water resistant bonding meet the requirements of the following standards:

EN 314 / 3rd class;

BS 1203 / H 4 (previously WBP); DIN 68705 Part 3 / type BFU 100.

Formaldehyde Emission

In accordance with the standard EN 13986 the formaldehyde emission meets the Class E1 requirements (test method EN 717 Part 2). Plywood glued with phenol-formaldehyde resins meets the CARB Phase 2 and Japanese 4-Star Regulation’s requirements.

Anti-slip Class in accordance with  European Standards DIN 51130 R 10.

Panel sizes

1220 mm x 2440 / 3050 mm
1250 mm x 2500 / 3000 mm
1500 mm x 2500 / 3000 mm
1525 mm x 2440 / 3050 mm

Cut-to-size panels and machining available in accordance with the customers’ requirements.


6.5, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 35 mm

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