Premium quality Russian Birch Plywood for Australian and New Zealand markets

Richwise Australia is a Melbourne-based importer and wholesaler of Russian birch plywood and Italian poplar plywood. From 2019 we are open to the general public as well.

Established in 2009, we specialize in importing of the premium quality Russian or White birch plywood. Also known as Baltic birch plywood, this is a special type of plywood made from the Russian birch trees that grow in the natural mixed forests in the northern parts of Russia.

Our Russian birch plywood is available in both standard and film-faced options. Check out our new website to view more of our range.

Since entering  Australian and New Zealand markets more than 10 years ago, our Russian birch plywood has already cemented its place due to outstanding appearance, superior technical characteristics and competitive pricing.

Russian Birch Plywood Russian Birch Plywood Russian Birch Plywood

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