Do you know, that most DIY projects are about organization or decoration and aimed to make your space stylish or functional? Richwise Australia wants to suggest to you some practical one-day DIY projects which are easy to accomplish and are suitable for birch plywood.

  1. DIY outdoor patio furniture
    You can use wood for a bench, couch, table, planters. And you can also use birch plywood for some types of outdoor tables. Have a look at very practical grow boxes under the outdoor glass table. Birch Deck or Birch Foot plywood for outdoor flooring is always a good addition for your backyard covered area. 

  2. Dogs kennel or dogs/cats house
    Birch plywood structure makes a beautiful contrast with colorful fabric beds. Your beloved pets will be very thankful for the new comfy place.

  3. Balcony rail planter boxes/fence planters, hanging balcony table
    Balcony railing table is a space savings gem. You can use the space to place your plants and to rest drink, book, and sunglasses. It can be your favorite romantic dinner space. 

  4. Small couch arm table
    Overarm couch table may become the most useful product you ever own, so handy this sofa addition is. It fits most angular or gently rounded armrests. You can keep your drinks and snacks close and place a TV remote control or magazines – there is no need for a coffee table anymore.

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