To help you to answer this question, Richwise Australia has collected five key points you need to know.

First, it can be a long process. On average a new home construction will take from 4 to 12 months to complete – approximately 6 months if the house is pre-designed. To build a single-storey home you will need between 4 to 7 months. A two-storey/multi-storey home can take anywhere from 8 to 12 months.

Second, you need a land. When it comes to the block of land that you are going to build on, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The land needs to be cleared from trees and debris, analysed for slope, stabilized and tested to ensure the soil is able to hold your house.

Third, you need a design that matches your ideas and finances. 

Fourth, you need to hire a construction company. Check out the portfolio, price out your project before signing a deal and make sure the company is insured. 

Fifth, you need high quality Australian Certified building materials. 

Richwise Australia is presenting structurally rated plywood sheets used for building and construction purposes. These engineered wood panels are designed to be a high-strength sheets for use as internal structures, subfloor, internal walls, roof bracing. Structural plywood is generally applicable where aesthetic appearance is not critical, so another one common usage is outdoor furniture. Versatile structural plywood boards have been created to give needed stability and trust, so we at Richwise Australia make sure our product will stand for a long time.

Richwise Australia is offering two 18 mm certified structural plywood products:

AS/NZS 2269 – Raw Plywood, AS 6669 Concrete Formwork Plywood (Formply)

  • 1220 x 2440 x 18 mm plywood: $71+GST Trade Price
  • 1220 x 2440 x 18 mm Concrete Formply: $84+GST Trade Price

Lots of questions, what is cheaper, to build a house or to buy a house? What is the cheapest type of house to build? Whatever decision your make, you may still need Richwise plywood, for big construction purposes or for small renovation projects.

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