Are you or your second half into the craft and thinking about having a well-organized sewing room?

Most of us start sewing using whatever is available. Does crawling around on the floor with shears sound familiar to you? Have you ever used a dining table as a sewing one?

Today Richwise Australia has some ideas of how to make this activity more comfortable and we accent on three subjects for stylish and functional woman’s cave.

First, you need a cutting table. You can use any plywood for the cutting table. We suggest using white melamine as a top counter for sewing tables because melamine birch ply is a very smooth and light-reflecting material that also is easy to clean. This product is comprised of a plywood board with a white (or black) melamine surface bonded to both sides. With a clean, hard-wearing surface, melamine plywood boards are ideally suitable for shelving, internal cabinets, and tables.

Second, shelves. These can be floor-to-ceiling cabinets or small shelves. You can use white or black melamine or any birch or poplar plywood for shelving. We offer custom sized particle boards for your convenience.

Third, boxes. To complete the project just put together your collection of sewing and crafting spaces with décor elements that work for you. With all that components, you will be impressed by how orderly the room looks. For that you can order custom cut-to-size plywood.

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