Decided to build a new house or make a renovation? Thinking about DIY outdoor furniture? Interested in a commercial building? Have a look at the plywood product you may need in lots of construction applications in both big and small projects.

Versatile Structural Plywood boards have been created to give needed stability and trust and we at Richwise Australia make sure our product will stand for a long time.

Structural plywood is best used for building and construction purposes like house bracing (hoardings, beams), roof bracing, walls, flooring, and internal structures. Structural Plywood is also a good choice for bins, boxes, and crates manufacturing and even for outdoor furniture making.

Richwise Australia is happy to announce two 18 mm certified structural plywood products.

AS/NZS 2269 – Raw Plywood, AS 6669 Concrete Formwork Plywood (Formply)

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