The idea of having a mezzanine space seems a bit questionable, but spaces with high ceilings can be used better when an intermediate level installed. 

To maximize the useful space, you can create mezzanine or semi-mezzanine, by taking advantage of high ceilings and create a cosy sleeping area or extra kid’s playroom above the main area. Mezzanine can play any role you want. 

Technically mezzanine is low storey between two others in a building and usually placed between the ground and first floors. The 18mm birch plywood ideally suits for mezzanine floors.

Mezzanine or loft are good alternatives to bunk beds in kids’ rooms, because they offer more space for study and play.

You can install a desk for homework under the lofted bed, built-in storage or shelving.  

If your kids love cozy and cave-like space you just add lighting and you create this reading nook you always dreamed about. 

To use loft as a playing space, you need to install stairs and maybe even add a small slide or net, to make a hammock floor. Your little gym for kids is ready to explore. 

Richwise Australia recommends using the 18mm BB/BB Russian Birch Plywood for mezzanine flooring. The price per 1220x 2440x 18mm sheet is $97+GST.

Mezzanine spaces offer endless design possibilities, if you need more information, contact us on tel. 03 8522 1508

Richwise Team is also doing design, rendering and visualisation.

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