Do you know, what makes most homeowners similar?

Most homeowners are struggling to resolve the space-storage equation. The funny thing is, it doesn’t matter how big your house is, you will face this problem too.

  Understanding this problem, Richwise Australia has three simple storage hints. 

  Garage. We normally use garages not just for keeping our cars clean and safe. But we are also creating a little storage station, which is growing with time, so most people are concerned about making their garage blissfully empty. To maximize the storage space, we do have to hang tons of things on the walls and build appropriate storage shelves or cabinets. Richwise Australia suggestion is 18mm BB/BB Birch Plywood to build an inexpensive but reliable storage unit. That gives you plenty of storage space and leaves the garage floors clutter-free.

Basements and sheds. If you are blessed to have a basement or shed, you may be surprised, how ergonomically these spaces can be used. Step ladder, tools, painting supplies, some items that don’t fit in the house. We recommend 24mm Birch Plywood for the DIY shelves to place pantry items that don’t fit in the kitchen.

Adding some colourful bins and boxes brings a style to any place. 

Mezzanine Floor is a raised or elevated platform between the floor and ceiling, constructed to maximise the ‘vertical space’. They’re ideal for warehouses and storage facilities and they can also add extra space to a home. 

Richwise Australia recommends using the 24 mm Birch Plywood for Mezzanine flooring. 

Summing up, well-made and properly customised and organised storage can accommodate plenty of house stuff and keep it and neat and tidy.

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