Garage space can be used in many practical ways. Richwise Australia just reminds you how you can transform useless garage into something you will really enjoy. 

The new design can be planned with many new features, like windows and doors to fit any home style and any practical purpose. You may want to spend some money or stick to the budget. 

The space can be entirely transformed into an extremely chic office room or even guesthouse and squeeze in the tiny kitchenette and shower, if needed.

The former garage can become a kids’ playroom. 

Unused garage can be not only home office, but your new home theatre or music room. Have you ever dreamed about having a mini cinema at your own place to organise movie nights with family and friends?

What about to start working out in your new garage gym? You don’t need to make lots of changes, no windows or extra lightning. Due the current Covid-19 situation and prolonged lockdown, this is the real opportunity to keep your body and mind healthy. 

There are more extra options to include for your DIY project, like lightning, ventilation and insulation.

Whatever changes you are going to make to your garage, please make sure it all follows the regulations. Anyway, you may need the simplest and cheapest way to cover the garage walls or floor. And Richwise Australia is happy to offer many types of plywood fitting your idea and aim. Garage room can be designed and renovated to contrast the harsh metal exterior with warm birch plywood lining. Poplar plywood is suitable for walls, non-slip plywood is perfect option for flooring. Contact us and we will help! 

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