Large-sized panels are large plywood sheets especially tailored for special projects, construction industry, commercial vehicles. The general usage of large plywood sheets includes bus flooring, trailers and trains flooring, high ceilings. The large size panels reduce the number of visible joints. One-piece components plywood gives a better visual appearance. The main advantages of plywood-finish walls, floors and ceilings are easy installation, lower cost, and ecological sustainability. 
   Richwise Australia recommends the following oversized plywood materials:

1.    Oversized BB/BB birch plywood is widely used for high ceilings thank to its natural timber look. The BB/BB birch plywood sized 1525mm x 3050mm is applicable for walls in residential housing, commercial housing, warehousing, retail shops, schools and sports stadiums. Large birch plywood sheets are commonly used for horse trailers. 

2.    Trans Birch Plywood Heavy Duty (Non-Slip). A non-slip water and weather proof product overlaid with a phenolic film. Surface resists to most common household chemicals, environmentally friendly and easy to clean. Non-slip Class as per DIN 51130 is R13. Taber Test 10 000. Applications are exterior and interior, commercial and industrial flooring, mezzanine floors, storage and workshop floors, loading platforms, ramps, grandstands, temporary events infrastructure, stages.

3.   Wire Mesh Birch Plywood (Non-Slip). Birch plywood overlaid with a phenolic film on both faces. The wear face has a rough wire mesh pattern, the reverse is smooth.  The wire mesh surface is highly durable, non-slip and resists common household chemicals. Product is weather- and water-proof. Applications are interior and exterior, van’s and ute’s floors, storage and factory floors, storage shelves, loading platforms, scaffolding, ramps, grandstands, temporary events infrastructure, stages. 

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