Due to Covid-19 stage 4 restrictions in Victoria, we are experiencing some changes in our work process. The showroom is only open for trade sales for the next 6 weeks, so we are suggesting that public customers order our products online.

We at Richwise Australia understand how stressful the current situation is for everyone but we are here to help as much as we can. On a positive note, it may become time to work on DIY projects or just fix things in your house. Have creative ideas? No stress! Get it done! 

We have recently started selling the DIY sized plywood for your convenience. Today we want you to look at Italian OSB Poplar- great looking product for an affordable price.

Lightweight and versatile, moisture-proof plywood with a guaranteed unique mechanical-weight performance ratio. Thanks to the crosswise layered structure, the possibility of shrinking and swelling due to variations in humidity is minimal. The OSB Poplar panels are also suitable for CNC cutting.

One more interesting fact! Because poplar’s colour is pale and its grain is fine and even, it can be painted to mimic the look of more expensive woods. Isn’t it a benefit thinking about cost? You can make great looking cabinetry using both variations of OSB Poplar; to imitate cherry or maple wood you can paint the boards. If you want to keep the amazingly harmonised wood pattern on poplar, just use the given appearance without adding anything. 

While it’s not as hard as actual hardwood, it is strong enough to provide a durable finished product and helps homeowners, contractors and DIY enthusiasts stick to their projects’ budgets.

Mentioning the price, 600x800x12mm sized panel will cost you only AU $9.95 +delivery. 

  Please visit our eBay shop: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Premium-Italian-poplar-OSB-architectural-panel-600x800x12mm-sanded-both-sides/223995006677?hash=item3427248ed5:g:zoUAAOSwzvde6rnE and let’s start your new project!

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