Dear handymen,

We are all experiencing the stress about the continuing isolation due to more Covid-19 outbreaks in Australia.

Richwise Australia Team has some more practical DIY ideas for you.

Your creative mind and skilful hands can make everyone around you happy: 

your spouse, your kids, your dog, your chooks and even your home office!

Keep yourself entertained during the reluctant home staying. Not only your mind benefits from it but also your house. 

  1. Considering the financial down, Richwise is offering new prices. Check out our ISOLATION SALE! Wire Mesh plywood panels are the ideal choice not only for transport and heavy-duty flooring applications: van, truck, trailer etc. flooring. Wire mesh ply is also widely used for coops. These floors are easy to clean.  

And surprise- spoiled chooks are giving better eggs as a result.

Baltic Birch Wire Mesh Dark Brown 12x1220x2440 mm was $97+GST now $70+GST2.

2. You don’t need waterproof walls for the whole bathroom. But you need them for damp areas. We suggest you save some cash when selecting composite aluminium for the walls over the basin or other wet areas. The constant water there is annoying, right?  Probably your spouse mentioned it already. About five hundred times. 

Another surprise, spoiled spouse is a happy spouse.

Composite Aluminium Baltic Birch plywood 9x1220x2440mm was $103+GST per sheet, now $73+GST

Composite Aluminium Baltic Birch plywood 12x1220x2440mm was $132+GST per sheet, now $94+GST

Composite Aluminium Baltic Birch plywood 18x1220x2440mm was $257+GST per sheet, now $183+GST

3. The product we are always proud of, our bestseller- Baltic Birch Plywood. Widely used to make furniture, kitchen cupboards and office desks. You can create a simple desk for your home office, because who knows how long we all locked down for? Or you can try to make an amazing kitchen cupboard symphony, where every single item will have its place. Organised and unrepeatable.

No surprise. Very happy spouse. Plus, many friends’ visits. People should see this masterpiece. 

Dog kennel for the dog. Kids can assist, what a good bonding time, right?

          Birch Plywood BB/BB STW 18x1220x2440mm was $113+GST per sheet, now $97+GST

    Baltic Birch Plywood BB/BB 24x1220x2440 mm was $140+GST per sheet, now $120+GST per sheet

Baltic Birch Plywood Lacquered 18x1220x2440 mm was $162+GST per sheet, now $116+GST

4. Many people here in Australia are missing their overseas travel opportunities. We won’t miss the opportunity to remind you of our beautiful Italian product. Bellissimo pioppo! Sounds like great winter time entertainment to collect puzzles with kids near the fireplace, or even to cut them from poplar ply. Or make a Christmas decoration, since time flies fast.  As a result, guess what? Happy kids!

Italian Poplar Clear Coated AB/BB 18x2440x1220 mm was $155+GST per sheet, now $133+GST

The SALE ends at 25.08.2020
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