Many of us dream about making our living spaces look magazine-worthy, but having no idea where to start, keeping in mind the budget. But, finding the right balance between functionality and style is not too difficult to achieve. Richwise Australia recommends: colourful and easy to work with, Film Faced Birch Plywood is the perfect choice for home furniture and cabinetry, joinery and shop-fittings, exhibition stands and office desks. 

Film faced surface of the panel prevents it from moisture penetrating, has a high resistance to abrasion, chemicals and fungus formation. Edges of film-faced plywood are varnished with water-resistant acryl-based paint.

There are some inspirational examples of stunning design and work from Staunchwoodfurniture and film faced birch plywood from Richwise Australia.

  1. Plywood wine racks in a minimalist style can be one of the coolest kitchen gadgets you have as part of your kitchen.

2. Wine glasses holders aka tables made from birch plywood.

3. Kitchen pantry made from black and white film faced birch plywood.

4. Stylish kitchen cabinets made from white birch plywood.

5. Reception desk counters or library shelves made from white birch ply.

6. Sports club equipment’s storage shelves. 

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