The psychologists suggest collecting puzzles to settle yourself down. But what about not only collecting, but laser cutting? Or both?

Laser cutting classes and courses have become extremely trendy, sometimes combined with 3D Printing workshops.

Richwise team don’t want you feel depressed during the second lockdown, so we decided to bring some inspirational laser cut ideas to your attention. We are sure these can work as nervous system relaxation and just good leisure, quality family time in a difficult period of COVID-19 isolation.

  • Puzzles, Jigsaws

No doubt your kids will love them, so are you.

  • Family tree

An absolutely must have thing, equal to family photo album.

  • Christmas tree/Ramadan personalised decorations.

Stunning design and can be lightened with candles or another light source. Trendy and stylish when on tree. And one more- kid proof, cat proof and dog proof! We all know what that means.

  • Laser cut toys 

Great fun for kids. Simple, eco-friendly, can be painted. Definitely, it can entertain them for many hours, don’t thank us.

  • 3D wooden models (castles, figures)

No more toys, but educational and time consuming action.

  • Garden decoration

Good option to beautify your place in non- expensive way.

  • Laser cut signs, front and back doors signs, room signs 

Have you seen them used in childcare centres?

  • Room dividers.

The tricky way to change the space without real big changes made. Way to see different dimension. 

  • Personalised presents for colleagues, friends and family.

They will not cost you a fortune, which is always good, but especially when you need them in big quantities. And every present will be individual, demonstrating your special attention to the person.

  • Jewellery boxes

Just one word- beautiful. Can be used for decades. 

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The 3mm Poplar Plywood for laser cut just arrived. 

2440x1220x3mm AB/B 

Retail price $54+GST

6mm Poplar Plywood 

2440 x1220 x6mm AB/B 5 layers

Retail price $64+GST

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