Did you know that….

1. The name “poplar” came from ancient Rome. “Populus” means people in Latin. Romans used to pant poplars in areas where public meetings were held.

2. Poplar was used as battle shield material in the past, because it is lightweight and strong at the same time, for example, Viking’s shields.

3. The wood of the poplar tree is used for panel painting. One of the most popular paintings of all time, a masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, “Mona Lisa”, was painted on the poplar panel.

Poplar wood has been widely used for thousands of years up until now.

What makes poplar a popular, easy to work with material, suitable for many interior applications, walls, ceilings, cabinetry and even furniture, especially if painted? 

Initially, the poplar tree grows fast and can reach up to 50 meters in height and 2.5 meters in diameter and is characterized by a straight trunk and no branches near the ground. That translates to knot-free boards that are available in expansive widths and thicknesses. Poplar is economical, costing considerably less than other hardwoods.

And poplar plywood is easy to work with. This environmentally friendly product is characterized by white colour, good resistance and is extremely versatile and may be used for several purposes. This plywood lighter in weight than birch or pine plywood. One standard sheet of poplar plywood 1220*2440*18 mm weighs 23 kg. Poplar ply is suitable for both CNC and laser cut.

The Clear Coated Poplar Plywood can be ideally used for walls and ceilings. The product is finished and ready to use. The poplar plywood is also suitable for making furniture, door and windows frames, joinery and carpentry. Because of its low weight, it can be used to build high structural stresses in shop and interior fitting, bathroom furniture, and in the caravan and camper vans furniture, ceilings and walls.

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