Wire mesh birch ply is the birch plywood overlaid with phenolic film with a rough wire mesh pattern, used for flooring. 

The rough-surfaced wire mesh ply is a heavy-duty, multipurpose plywood flooring panel used for applications where the reliable, long-lasting, highly wear-resistant anti-slip surface is required. The standard surface of the film faced plywood has a density of 120 g/m2. The edges are protected by water-dispersible acrylic paint. Wire Mesh Birch Plywood is a special film faced plywood coated with wear-resistant material. 

Richwise wire mesh plywood panels are the ideal choice for transport applications: van flooring, truck flooring, trailer flooring, bus and train flooring, storage flooring, industrial flooring, cargo caring platforms, ship decking and transport platforms. The product can also be used in other heavy-duty flooring applications, and even as a safe and durable choice for chook homes, coops.

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