In response to the COVID-19 pandemic schools in Australia have moved online and many sport and leisure activities have been cancelled, but exercises are still critical for young people physical and mental health. Children and teens have been stuck at home and become bored. As a result, parents have experienced a lot of stress from keeping kids engaged and home-schooled. Parents finding it tough to teach kids at home during coronavirus pandemic.
But finally, the schools are open, and after the weeks of isolation with kids at home, after helping with school homework, and working from the home office at the same time, we at Richwise Australia are proud of you and have only one question to parents- how did you survive? How did you manage to keep your life on track and your house safe and neat? If you experience how loud your kids can be on every day’s basis, we may help you. Richwise Australia is offering the perfect sound insulation and vibration elimination flooring solution- Silent Birch Plywood! The Silent’s cork-rubber core improves sound absorption, damps vibration and deadens noise. High wear resistance and anti-slip properties of the surface. User and environmentally friendly and hygienic. Good visual appearance, easily workable, odour-free, easy-to-clean, weather and boiling waterproof and resisting commonly used chemicals. Applicable for floors and walls. 
Contact us for more information. Stay safe!

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