Australia is a beautiful country, made for wandering around and going on exciting journeys with lots of travel destinations. Australians always loved travel interstate, but after the Covid-19 attacked the world, interstate travel becomes the only way to spend family holidays. Considering the situation with flights and airports, travelling by a family car seems to be the option. But wait, why try to fit the whole family in one car? How about a caravan?
We don’t have any clear prognoses about the end of the epidemic, so it seems to be reasonable to plan the comfort interstate caravan travel for your family. 
Around 8% of Australians own a caravan or camper. Buying a caravan is a large initial financial investment plus ongoing maintenance. However, if you are comparing the costs of taking many holidays throughout the year, renting holiday cottages or even a caravan for the whole family, it may have sense financially to buy your own caravan. New caravan’s prices are typically starting at around $30,000. So, many people are deciding to purchase pre-loved ones. Some DIY enthusiasts turn old trailers into campers. If you need to upgrade the old caravan or customise the new one, you will need to choose the right materials. HPL Poplar Plywood is a highly-recommended material for the caravan’s kitchen, walls, ceilings and other caravan’s fit-outs. HPL Poplar is widely used for its weight-saving features, 1m2 weights 7,8kg. 

Richwise Australia offers 1220*2440*18 mm HPL Poplar Plywood from Melbourne warehouse, 1m2 costs $94 incl. GST.

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