Many of us are required to work from home and the situation with COVID-19 and self-isolation may take longer than everyone has expected. If you’re short on space and time and need a home office, you may be able to set one up in your garage. An office in your garage is a cheap and convenient option because you don’t need to make substantial changes to the structure of your home.  But there are still some significant changes you’ll have to make to accommodate your new office. Richwise Australia is happy to help with some ideas and materials.
After you cleaned up space and provided heating and cooling you may want to paint the walls and ceiling. It’s highly likely that there aren’t any windows, so make sure you install good lighting.
Garages normally aren’t equipped with enough electrical outlets to meet the needs of a home office, so provide some.
Most garages are completed without drywall, insulation or any walls finishings. But without insulation, it will cost you a lot more to cool or heat your new office. 
Richwise Australia offers to use plywood for finishing your garage walls. Comparing to other materials you don’t have to use dowels to fix the screw to the walls. Birch plywood has very good screw withdrawal force. You can load your shelves with heavy stuff.  
There are some easy-to-work plywood options:
C Grade Birch – $33+GST/m2
Birch Lacquer – $57+GST/ m2
Birch Multigrey – $60+GST/m2
White melamine (makes your garage office visually bigger) -$70+GST/m2
Birch Silent (perfect for insulation)-$83+GST/m2
Plus our specials! 
Primed BB/BB Birch Plywood (clear coated on both sides with transparent primer) 16mm $27+GST/m2
Fire Retardant BB/BB 18mm- $56+GST/m2
Some more ideas from Richwise Australia coming soon. Stay tuned!

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