Good design stands out. The minimalistic design fits in so flawlessly you can’t imagine living without it. The furniture made from birch plywood is both: a practical and simple shape with a splash of colour, blending with the warm tones of birch plywood to give off a feeling that is both design-forward and cosy. 
  Film faced birch plywood is an architectural material commonly used for decorative applications for furniture, sliding doors, kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors, wall panelling. This waterproof material could be used in the laundry and bathrooms as well. 
  You can build the furniture from film faced colourful birch plywood in different variations and sizes. You can choose from white to different coloured door options to give your furniture its very own personalised look. 
   The contrast between the splash of colour and warm tones of wood can be simply beautiful. 
   Place your orders for film-faced birch plywood on tel. 03 8522 1508

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