Silent birch plywood is plywood with 2 or 3 mm cork-rubber composite material used as the core to improve acoustic properties and protection against noise and to damp vibration.

Silent Birch Plywood is raw or coated plywood, BB/BB grade.

Three options are available: Silent Ply – raw plywood, the quality according to customer’s requirements;
Silent Form – plywood overlaid with a smooth phenol or UV-resistant film;
Silent Tex – plywood overlaid with a phenol or UV-resistant film with a wire mesh pattern.

Applications: Silent Birch is applied in floors and walls where sound insulation and vibration elimination is required.

Further processing: Silent Birch can be machined with woodworking tools: cutting, drilling, milling, jointing in length, tongue and groove (T&G), half laps, profiled edges etc.

Advantages: The Silent’s cork-rubber core improves sound absorption, damps vibration and deadens noise.
Good visual appearance, easily workable, odor free, easy-to-clean, weather and boiling water proof resisting commonly used chemicals.
High wear resistance and anti-slip properties of the wire mesh surface.
User and environmentally friendly and hygienic.

Gluing classes: Plywood is glued with waterproof phenol formaldehyde resin adhesive. Bonding is resistant to weather and boiling water. It meets the requirements of the following standards:

EN 314 / 3rd Class;
BS 1203 / H4 (previously WBP); DIN 68705 Part 3 / Type BFU 100.

Formaldehyde Emission: In accordance with the standard EN 13986 the Silent Birch formaldehyde emission meets the Class E1 requirements. Test method EN 717 Part 2.

Panel Sizes are:

1220 mm x 2440 mm

1250 mm x 2500 mm
1500 mm x 2500 mm
1525 mm x 3050 mm

Cut to size panels and machining available in accordance with customers’ requirements.

Thicknesses: 15, 18, 21 mm

Other plywood and cork-rubber core thicknesses on request.

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