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Monthly Archive for: ‘April, 2021’

How to turn your bathroom into a place of recharge?

Richwise Australia helps to give your bathroom a budget-friendly makeover.  There are many ways to put more comfort and chic into your bathroom and powder room. Some stylish bath accessories, fresh and cozy towels, refreshing bath foam, and more additions will create a lovely private oasis for your relaxation.  Natural wood or plywood vanity turns any bathroom into a real …

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Finding the right material for your house

Finding the right material for your house can be a challenge. Every decision made, from the design of your house to the material used to build kitchen and bathroom cabinets, influences the comfort and character of your house. Richwise Australia offers big choice of high quality, versatile and aesthetically beautiful plywood. Birch plywood is a structural and decorative material widely used …

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Warm your house up! Winter is coming!

The winter comes closer with every day. What do you need to know to choose the right building materials?  There are plenty of variations. Birch and poplar plywood are always a good choice.  Natural and eco-friendly birch plywood gives our homes the feeling of comfort and warmth.  RIchwise Australia offers decorative birch plywood with extra insulation properties. Composite Aluminium is a …

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Stylish, environmentally friendly, and under the budget?

Stylish, environmentally friendly, and under the budget? Plywood is the perfect choice for your house interior. The Nordic Northern European countries widely use birch and poplar plywood in their laconic and stylish interiors. Minimalistic designs of furniture and interior furnishings in residential and commercial properties is a sign of a Scandinavian style, much loved in the last decades. Naturally coloured …

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DIY Easter Plywood Craft; elegant and durable;

Are you motivated to start a DIY project with your kids? Richwise Australia introduces some ideas of beautiful handmade bunny- and eggs-inspired plywood toys for Easter that can make great fun for any child. Simple DIY is the perfect bonding time for family and some kind of relaxation for parents. For children, easy Easter wood crafts can help develop fine-motor …

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