Pegboard walls are custom-sized elevated versions of the old workbenches that are being used to fit any creative idea and hold everything from tableware and kitchen utensils to artworks and shelves. You just add dowels and wood knobs and you can move them around as much as you want. 18 mm birch plywood ideally fits for this DIY project. Birch plywood, made of cross-banded sheets of wood veneer is one of the most beautiful plywood, with a smooth, light surface and grains, directed at perpendicular angles.  Russian Birch Plywood boards are bonded with exterior glue and are strong and resilient.

 You need a pegboard if:

  1. Your kids desperately need a study area that can also work as a storage and shelving unit? To create a functional homework station all you need is a simple table and some pegboard to hang up supplies, folders, calendars for due dates, and anything else that will help your kids stay on top of their schoolwork.
  2.  Your office runs out of space. Just arrange shelves as desired and place items on shelves and pegs.
  3. You are thinking about getting things organized in any place in your house. To make your cleaning supplies handy and visible, add some pegboard in your laundry room and keep all cleaning tools in plain sight. Add some pegboard to your outdoor garden area to get more space for pots and plants, especially for balcony or small patio. Jewellery, craft, artwork, kitchen utensils, garage storage and more.

Please note!

Plus; pegboard is one day project. 

Minus; once you see how functional pegboard can be, you’ll be hanging it up in every room!

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