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Non-Slip Flooring Solution!

Richwise Australia offers a range of non–slip birch plywood with pattern overlays for applications where high wear resistance and non–slip properties are required. Trans Birch Plywood Heavy Duty (Non-Slip) Description: A non-slip water and weather proof product overlaid with a phenolic film. The wear face film has a raised pattern imprinted in hot pressing. Surface resists to most common household chemicals, environmentally friendly and easy to clean. Non-slip Class as per …

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Simple design, yet a big impression!

Good design stands out. The minimalistic design fits in so flawlessly you can’t imagine living without it. The furniture made from birch plywood is both: a practical and simple shape with a splash of colour, blending with the warm tones of birch plywood to give off a feeling that is both design-forward and cosy.   Film faced birch plywood is an …

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Lightweight Italian Poplar OSB: versatile and reliable solution!

Lightweight Italian OSB Poplar is a versatile moisture-proof product with a guaranteed unique mechanical-weight performance ratio. OSB Poplar doesn’t contain any formaldehyde.    The product is ready to use, does not require polishing or staining, suitable for CNC cutting, resistant to screw removal.   OSB Poplar is made entirely of cross-fiber sheets and is distinctly light compared to its dimensions, ensuring excellent hold …

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Unique birch plywood solution to keep your home stylish

Hiding plywood furniture and items under a pretty veneer used to be a common thing back in the day. But not anymore. Today the humble sheet of plywood proudly shows off its stripes in a resurgence of popularity driven by striking, original designs. Nowadays you can do both, depending on your aesthetic goals.  Our beautiful birch plywood comes raw or overlaid …

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We have a new phone number 03 8522 1508

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Top 3 Fire-resistant Building Materials plus one special material!

  “Fire Resistance” means the ability of a building component to resist a fully developed fire, while still performing its function. Fire resistance in the form of a fire rating, can be applied only to a total building element, a product cannot be fire rated. Concrete. Concrete is one of the most common building materials, and also an excellent fire-resistant material. It is non-combustible and …

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Five types of kitchen cabinets

To make the right choice when building or renovating your kitchen it’s essential to know the basic types of kitchen cabinets. There are five main types of materials for kitchen cabinets: wood, plywood, termofoil, laminate and metal.1. Laminate is a synthetic material that is made of compressed wood. Pluses: Aesthetically pleasing and durable—laminate protects against scratches, stains, etc. Minuses: Laminate …

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Decorative room dividers for office and house!

The shift towards open-plan living in the early 20th century came about for many reasons, from the ease of entertaining guests and minding kids, to making rooms feel larger and allowing flexibility in furniture arrangements. Despite the benefits, though, open-plan living has not been without its inconveniences, from cooking smells wafting through living spaces to (often) decreased storage space.  One …

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Lacqered Birch 2

3 reasons to choose Baltic Birch Plywood:

1. Cleaner Joinery and Superior Screw HoldingAnything you build out of Baltic birch should last a good, long time. Because the core is free of voids, the joinery won’t suffer from glue starvation—they’ll get 100% glue coverage. And because the core layers of Baltic birch are actually veneers of birch (rather than a softer wood) and form a void-free core, screws bite and …

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5 Benefits of Choosing Birch Plywood for your kitchen!

Aesthetic Appeal – Birch plywood has a smooth naturally beautiful look which makes it the perfect choice for home furnishings or home improvements. It is perfectly suitable for boiserie, wall lining, ceilings, stands, working surfaces, furniture. Durability – Birch plywood is known for its strength and stability. Thirteen layers of birch are combined together to make an 18 mm sheet of plywood, reinforcing the …

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