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Our Suppliers

Segezha Group

Segezha Group is a Russian wood processing group that carries out every stage of the lumber transformation process, from beginning to end. The holding includes both Russian and European timber enterprises, woodwork facilities, pulp and paper industries, and paper packaging producers.

Latvijas Finieris

Latvijas Finieris is a market driven company that produces and supplies plywood matching well with customers’ needs both technologically and environmentally. 12 sales offices in the European and world markets provide excellent exchange of information between customer and producer / supplier and help to find the best technological, product and service solutions.

Invernizzi SpA

Invernizzi SpA is at the moment a leading concern firmly affirmed on the domestic and on the international market. It operates in the sectors of the first step of the wood processing and produces plywood and chipboard panels. Both are offered in the raw and fireproof models.

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