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Monthly Archive for: ‘December, 2020’

Summer hot sale

Composite PPL 18*1220*2440 mm was $182, now $91+GST per sheet; Trans Birch Non Slip Heavy Duty 18*1220*2440 mm was $202, now $101+GST per sheet; Foot Non Slip 12*1220*2440 mm was $148, now $74+GST per sheet; Hexa Smooth Grey 18*1220*2440 mm was $216, now $108+GST per sheet; Dot Plywood 18*1220*2440 mm was $196, now $98+GST per sheet; High Pressure Laminated white …

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Summer Promotion

Promo prices are only valid until 28.02.21  Poplar Clear Coated AB/BB 18*2440*1220 mm normal price $160+GST per sheet, PROMO price $90+GST per sheet; Diamond Deck Birch Plywood Silver Grey normal price $198+GST per sheet; PROMO price $99+GST per sheet;  Composite TPO 18*1220*2440 mm normal price $298; PROMO price $149+GST per sheet; Iron Birch Non-Slip Heavy Duty 24*1220*2440 normal price $222; PROMO price $111+GST per sheet;  Multi-grey film faced 18*1220*2440 mm …

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Christmas decorations made from plywood. The winners get special presents.

If you want to create something unique and different this year, if you want some quality time with your family and if you are into DIY, Richwise Australia suggests you starting small Christmas decoration project. There are some inspirational ideas from us and lots of laser cut plywood free templates you can google. Visit our eBay shop, purchase the …

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Structural plywood F22

Decided to build a new house or make a renovation? Thinking about DIY outdoor furniture? Interested in a commercial building? Have a look at the plywood product you may need in lots of construction applications in both big and small projects. Versatile Structural Plywood boards have been created to give needed stability and trust and we at Richwise Australia make …

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