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Monthly Archive for: ‘February, 2020’

Poplar Ply: Easy for CNC and Laser Cut!

Poplar plywood is a natural product manufactured using poplar veneers (at least 3 layers) by cross bonding.  It is a softwood and this plywood lighter in weight than Birch Plywood or Pine Plywood. One standard sheet of poplar plywood 1220*2440*18 mm weighs 24 kg.  For comparison: birch plywood sheet of the same size weighs 39 kg, pine plywood sheet is 35 kg. It makes …

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Kitchen makeover: tips for DIY on a tiny budget!

There are plenty of quick and easy home makeover ideas. Let’s have a look at the kitchen makeover.  The first thing is the design and style of the kitchen. Some DIY enthusiasts are starting with beautifying the cabinets.  Refacing the kitchen cabinets includes covering the exposed frames with plastic, real wood or plywood.  Refacing has sense if your existing cabinet boxes are structurally sound and in good …

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Attention, music enthusiasts! Silent birch plywood for DJ tables!

Silent birch plywood is plywood with 2 or 3 mm cork-rubber composite material used as the core to improve acoustic properties and protection against noise and to damp vibration. Silent Birch Plywood is raw or coated plywood, BB/BB grade. Silent Birch is applied in floors and walls where sound insulation and vibration elimination is required. But music enthusiasts say, it …

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Two-Store DIY Plywood Shelves! Cheap and easy!

  We may live in a big or small house but we all need more usable storage in the closet or garage to hold all our stuff.     These DIY plywood shelves are inexpensive and easy to customize for any size closet.    Storage for Small Spaces: There’s a lot of space above the shelf in most closets.  Even though it’s a little hard …

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