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2020 New Arrivals! DIY sizes included!

Happy to remind you, our warehouse is operating in Braeside 
and we are glad to see builders, architects, carpenters, cabinetmakers and other professionals, as well as the general public!
You are welcome to try our new DIY sized plywood!

New Arrivals: retail prices.
Contact us for trade prices! 
Composite Aluminium (balancing paper)
2440*1220*12 mm
$129+GST per sheet; 
Russian Birch BB/BB
1220*2440*12 mm
$79+GST per sheet; 

Opal White Birch F/F
1220*2440*18 mm 
$175+GST per sheet;

Multi-grey Birch (smooth both sides)
1220*2440*18 mm
 $142+GST per sheet; 

Crystal Birch (transparent melamine film on both sides)
2440*1220*18 mm 
$191+GST per sheet; 

Italian Poplar OSB
1220*2440*9 mm – $40+GST per sheet;
1220*2440*12 mm – $50+GST per sheet;
1220*2440*15 mm – $63+GST per sheet;
1220*2440*18 mm – $75+GST per sheet;
1220*2440*30 mm – $128+GST per sheet;
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