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From Russia with plywood!

Richwise Australia Pty Ltd is proud to announce that it has successfully secured a number of trial orders for supply and delivery of the Russian Birch Plywood to Australia.

With manufacturing quality and mechanical characteristics on par with the birch plywood from Finland, the Russian birch plywood is surprisingly competitively priced – making it an affordable choice for any application where appearance and superior mechanical qualities are of primary importance.

Available with INT and EXT glues and a variety of finishes, surface grades and sizes the Russian birch plywood is very well known throughout Europe, North and South America.

Featuring a wide range of international certifications including one we can no longer mention and CARB Ph2, the Russian Birch plywood is widely used in construction and packaging as well as manufacturing of furniture, doors, wall cladding and flooring, train / tram / truck / yacht / ship bodies and interiors, podiums and stands, dies for laser cutting, etc, etc.

Already successfully tested in the local manufacturing conditions, both standard and film-faced varieties of Russian birch plywood are imported into Australian and New Zealand regions by Richwise Australia Pty Ltd.

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